How much time do you spend Watching QVC and HSN? You would be surprised how much you can learn taking time to watch and really look at how they try and pull the viewer into the benefits of the product verbally and visually. Look at the difference how they pitch the product when they have just a few minutes to spend on the product versus when they have 20 minutes. You can use this as an aid to writing your own sell sheet and putting your pitch together to contact companies.

Watch a product that comes up and record it with the sound down. While it is playing think what you would say to get a person’s attention if you had to pitch that product. Write them down. Then replay the segment and see if you used any of the points they did and did they miss some points you saw they didn’t. Were you able to “GET” the benefits of the product and how it worked without the audio playing?

Another benefit of this exercise is you get to see a number of the current products that have come out. It could spark something in an area you had not considered to go after.

Here is an exercise I do daily that you may want to try and see if it doesn’t help you keep your mind active and fresh. Every day I randomly pick a topic, product, problem and think on it throughout the day to see what solution I can come up with or different twist/use. My focus for today is Flower Pots. Yesterday it was fire hydrants. You will be surprised how well it works and you will be thinking about it even when you are working on something else without trying hard.

Another interesting exercise you can do is listen to the ads you hear on the radio while driving and see which ads catch your attention and why. What in their pitch got your attention and what did it make you see visually in your mind?
While you are watching TV and doing the exercise with QVC and HSN you might want to do the same exercise with ASOTV pitches. You can go here and watch multiple videos on their products and use the same method to see how you would have pitched them.

This is a great practice to start looking at everything around you differently or as a challenge to keep things fresh and your mind active. Who knows what idea it could spark and find success.