Having worked with a large number of Inventors over the years I see certain similarities in how they express their idea/product. The first thing I hear from most Inventors when they discuss their product/idea is about how everyone in their family loves the product/idea and would buy it if it was available. Unfortunately you have to take this statement and forget it because it doesn’t really mean anything of value.

It is easy to find a person to say they love your idea or that they would buy one if you sold them. Most of your friends and family don’t want to hurt your feelings so they will say what they think you want to hear. This actually hurts you more because the Inventor is hearing nothing but praise for their idea and will be more willing to get into severe debt based on these comments. Then when the Inventor goes forward with their idea the Inventor is crushed and confused when all they get are rejections from the companies they approach. They tell the company “Everyone I showed it to loves it and would buy one if it was available”. How much weight do you think that really has with any company?

You need a couple of people you can trust to give you the truth no matter what it is and you have to be able to take it and respect their honesty. Let them know no matter what their comments are it will not affect your friendship and then it is up to you to make sure it doesn’t. You will find out the more questions they ask you the more prepared you are to answer questions from companies. Plus, the problems they point out you can fix before you present it to a company. Which saves you time, keeps you from looking unprepared and gives you a better product.

A truthful upfront person is worth their weight in gold to an Inventor. Consider this situation. If you were building a house and someone noticed there were no bathrooms in it. Would you want to be told before or after you finished the construction?
The people you trust to give you their honest opinion should have your respect and listen to them without losing your temper. Because how long do you think they will give you honest opinions if you chew them out if their opinion doesn’t match what you want to hear?