Have you met an Inventor that has an excuse for everything? Or at least a double standard. The rules only apply to you, not to them, because they are somehow special. No matter what the truth is about their product it is always someone or something else that caused them to not get licensed, not get the funding, not start that business, not get the deal they had in hand, not get calls returned from companies, not get it in front of the right person, not get the opportunity to pitch their product, not win the product search and on and on.

These same Inventors think every company is out to get them or steal their idea, because the company knows their idea is worth millions, even though the company hasn’t seen it. I see this attitude daily in a number of Inventors. You can show them in black and white that there are better products on the market than their idea. You can send the Inventor links to products that are exactly like theirs on the market now and they deny they are the same.

They tell you there is nothing out there like this and they have had a professional search done, yet within a couple of minutes of searching the internet there it is on your computer scene. I have had an Inventor send me a product for review that they have said did not exist anywhere and I had that exact item in my house bought from Target.

What causes an Inventor to have that type of tunnel vision and denial? You would think they would want to know if their idea/product is out there so they don’t waste their time and money on a product they have no chance of bringing to market. I feel that it is the hope of becoming a millionaire that blinds them to the truth. As far as they are concerned if they believe it hard enough and say it over and over that will make it true. Unfortunately it does not work that way in the real world, but because of their unrealistic expectations of how the inventing industry works they have conned themselves into believing their own hype.

Unfortunately no matter how hard you try you can’t get the point across to these Inventors. They are so far gone you can only stand back and watch them crash and burn? Inventors need to learn inventing is a business and they need to treat it like one if they plan to succeed. You can have a passion for your idea/product but being obsessed with your idea/product blinds you to the truth and can keep you from finding success.