Being a Serial Inventor and having worked as a Licensing Agent I have seen both sides of the industry. Working with Inventors over the past 18 years I have found that in a majority of cases Inventors have unrealistic expectations of how the inventing and manufacturing industry works versus how they think it should work. So I put together a list of comments Inventors should read and consider because they are a fact of the industry whether you want to believe them or not called Just Because:

1. Just Because you love it and can see it in every home in the U.S. does not make it a reality.

2. Just Because your friends and family love it, does not mean it is a million dollar idea.

3. Just Because you have a patent does not mean its marketable.

4. Just Because you can make it cheaply does not mean a company HAS to sell it.

5. Just Because you sent it special delivery to a company does not mean they will open it right away or that they will love it.

6. Just Because YOU KNOW it would fit well with the company’s line of products does not mean they will.

7. Just Because you spent a lot of money having a prototype made, paid a lot for a patent, paid more to shoot a video, paid a marketing company for
a marketing analysis and are in debt over your head does not mean a company has to take that into account when they review your idea.

8. Just Because you have been busting your butt for the past 3 years on this product does not make it marketable.

9. Just Because YOU want it to happen you can’t force consumers to like your product and buy it.

10. Just Because you got rejected does not mean THEY are stupid.

11. Just Because there are 360 million people in the U.S. does not mean you put in your sell sheet that all 360 million people will throw away their current (perfectly working) product to buy your product.

12. Just Because you don’t understand WHY, people will buy things you think are stupid and useless over yours it will still happen.

13. Just Because you called the company and left a message does not mean they have to call you back.

14. Just Because you sent them your prototype unsolicited does not mean they have to pay for the return postage.

15. Just Because a company has the capabilities to make your product does not mean they Have Too.

16. Just Because you don’t want to do any of the boring research does not mean a similar or better product than yours does not exist.

17. Just Because you have a patent does not mean companies will be beating down your door to buy it.

18. Just Because you have all the facts and figures on your potential sales does not mean you will meet those goals. Rule number one- consumers are fickle.

19. Just Because your presentation was great and your prototype worked perfectly companies still can and Do say NO.

20. Just Because you have a patent does not mean your product won’t be knocked off.

21. Just Because you think the long story of how you came up with your product is interesting does not mean you have to add it to your presentation to the company.

22. Just Because you signed a contract with a company does not automatically mean you will be rich. It still has to sell to the consumer.

23. Just Because you have a product on the market does not mean it will sell forever. Every product has a shelf life and each one varies.

24. Just Because you spent $10,000 on a prototype and a patent does not mean you will make your money back.

25. Just Because you want everyone to be a cheerleader for your product doesn’t mean you won’t have to face criticism.

26. Just Because you can talk people into investing in your product doesn’t mean it will be a great seller in the stores.

27. Just Because you get rejected does not mean you can’t find success. Learn from the criticism, improve your product and try again.

28. Just Because your product is a niche item doesn’t mean you can’t be the leader in that niche.

29. Just Because you have competition in your market does not mean you can’t compete, you just have to work harder at it, find your HOOK and stand out from the crowd.

30. Just Because you have three patents you want to sell does not mean a company has to buy them. They have to have market value to get a company interested.

31. Just Because you can get a loan to file a patent…should you? (Do your research first and make an as informed decision as possible before going in debt)

32. Just Because you interpret another person’s patent in your favor does not mean the Patent Examiner will have the same interpretation.

33. Just Because you think you are to smart to fail, doesn’t mean you won’t. Do your research upfront and treat it like a business……because it is.

34. Just Because you are able to make a prototype does not mean it is marketable.

35. Just Because none of your relatives have said your idea is not marketable doesn’t mean a company will have the same assessment.

36. Just Because you are willing to travel with your product to explain it to a company doesn’t mean the company will accept that offer.

37. Just Because you want your product on the market this year does not mean the company can make it happen. You have to take into account their selling season, the time to manufacture, get it in front of Buyers for retail and distribute the product. That all takes time.

38. Just Because you feel you should get a top royalty rate does not mean one will be offered. Royalties vary depending on what you bring to the table, the ROI, their margins, your target market and more.

39. Just Because you don’t understand everything in the agreement you are about to sign does not mean the company is taking advantage of you. It is your responsibility to get legal advice and understand what you are agreeing to in any contract BEFORE you sign it.