Persistence, Patience and Positive Attitude
I thought I would share the Three P’s that have made my inventing successful.

Persistence- defines persistence as “the act or fact of persisting.” I would expand on that definition to add “A controlled steady movement towards a goal”. Many Inventors tend to be overly pushy and demanding wanting answers immediately from the company they are trying to get interested in their product idea. There is a fine line between Persistence and being a Pest. Once that line is crossed your chances of success are lost.

Patience-If you don’t have it, you better start learning it. Inventing is a love/hate relationship. You love your idea and want the world to buy it, but you hate the time it takes to get it to market. No matter how much control you think you have over your project there are always obstacles you can’t control. So, unless you are the sole person doing every aspect of the design, gathering materials, manufacturing, shipping, sales, marketing, product placement and own a chain of stores to sell it, you will be waiting on someone.

Positive Attitude- The final P is Positive Attitude. Without it the first two mean nothing. Your attitude can make or break your success. Whether it is a meeting with potential investors, a presentation of your idea to a company or speaking with a consumer about your product your attitude is key to your success.
You have to have faith in yourself and your idea. If you don’t why should anyone else? You don’t see an infomercial on T.V. saying “We think you might like our product.” Instead they are saying “You will love how it does _________ faster, better, easier.” Why, because they know these are words that are positive and tell the consumer the benefits of their product. They are stating all the positives to get you in that same frame of mind.
Ask yourself why you came up with this idea. Do you truly believe it will accomplish what you say it will? If you can be positive about your product and its benefits are real, not just hype, it will sell.

Remember- “Dreams are accomplished by people who do, not by people who wish”.