Non-Disclosures – Agreements – Sellsheets


The documents below are yours to download and review for free. I am not a lawyer and do not make any claims of responsibility to the use or misuse of these documents. As always, if in doubt have a lawyer check them out. As with all documents you send or receive make sure you read them completely and understand them.

Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement

I use this form if the company I have contacted does not have an NDA of their own. Always make sure the company and yourself have a signed original. This means print two copies, sign both, send both to the company and have them send one signed back to you for your records. Don’t send the company any material on your idea until you get the signed NDA back.
>> Download Sample Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement

Individual Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

I use this document if I am discussing any idea with a single individual. Make sure you both have a signed original for your records.
>> Download Sample Individual Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

Group Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

I use this document which is the same as the individual NDA, but has more slots for signatures when I am discussing ideas with larger groups.
>> Download Sample Group Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

License Agreement

I used this agreement when an individual wanted to enter into an agreement where I acted as their representative to companies seeking a licensing agreement. I asked for 25% of any agreement I get them. This is well below industry standards as most ask for 40% to 50%. Plus, they charge a review fee.
>> Download Sample License Agreement

Design Services Agreement

This Designer agreement is just an example of what a licensing agreement looks like. I wanted to let you see that Inventor agreements come in all shapes and sizes. Read through this agreement thoroughly and see if you would agree to the terms or if you would have asked for anything else to be added. It is just a sample to learn from and not intended for use.
>> Download Sample Design Services Agreement

Sell Sheets

I get asked all the time about Sell Sheets. Below are some of the ones that I used to get my ideas licensed. Below each Sell Sheet is the actual product that made it to the store. If you have any questions feel free to Contact me.


Pizza Shears

Note that other than the curved angle of the handle arms the product is just like the sell Sheet model.


Knockout Hockey


Toss and Score

This was an interesting project. I got a license on the concept below, but after discussing the product further with the company we started adding on features and more playability to the game until we had the product below. This is what I call “What started out a Dog ends up a Cat” Don’t be so married to your idea you will not consider changing it to make it more marketable.