What do I mean by “Can You Say It Without Saying It?” It’s simple really, but something a number of Inventors struggle with when describing their product/idea. The object is to be able to tell the company Rep you cold call or email about your product with just enough detail to peak their interest without giving away the entire idea/product. I will give you some examples below and if you are interested you can see the Sell Sheet that was sent to the company after they confirmed there was interest in the product here https://rogerbrown.net/inventor-help/ .
The trick is to tell just enough so they can see the value of the product and have a good idea it would fit within their line of products. It also lets you gauge the level of interest and if you feel they are a company you want to deal with.

1. This kitchen utensil allows the user to slice pizza without damaging the pizza pan, serve it as a spatula and comes apart for easy cleaning.

2. This game lets two players play a fast action game of hockey on most tabletops utilizing a boxing action device and a retractable border.

3. This takes the traditional game of Horseshoes and gives it a new twist where the user has to not only ring the opponents’ pole but reach a certain height of the pole to gain extra points.

Now in each example I have told you about the product/idea but did not tell how I achieve it. But based on those statements they can gauge if there is interest to learn more and if it might be a fit for their line if things moved forward.
Think about your product/idea and see if you can describe it without giving away exactly how you would do it.

Here is another example from a device I invented and licensed called the Super Sleever (I know corny name but I did not pick it)
This device eliminates the need for two operators taking 45 minutes to sleeve water hoses, electric cords and breathing air hoses to one operator and less than a minute. This saves millions of dollars a year in manhours and reduced waste.
As you can see that peaked their interest without me giving away how I was going to do this. It ended up saving around 4 million dollars a year in just one facility and was promoted and used throughout 17 other DOE facilities nationwide. You can see the write up here.