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Contests Entered and Awards

  • 2006 Semifinalist in the Everyday Edison’s Atlanta auditions
  • 2005-Westinghouse Savannah River Company IDEAS Silver Medal Award Winner for having over 25 safety and cost savings related programs accepted and implemented through the sites I.D.E.A.S. program. These programs saved over $400,000 in labor.
  • 2004 Finalist in the Adventus office product search
  • 2004 Semifinalist in the Bell Inc Invention Hunt
  • 2003 Semifinalist out of 8500 entrants in the Staples Invention Quest Contest
  • 2002 Nomination for R&D (Research and Development magazine) 100 award This award is given to the top 100 new inventions for the year. Nominated for the “Ball Valve Extractor” tool. The nomination is for designing and getting the patent on a tool used to quickly unseat the ball and gaskets out of a ball valve. This is accomplished in a tenth of the normal time required and without damaging the ball valve body housing or ball.
  • 2002 Westinghouse Savannah River Site PACE (Productivity & Cost Effectiveness) Award for inventing a storage tank vapor space sampler to replace the current design used at a price of $3,400 each. The new design cost $181 each. An annual savings of $126,000.
  • 2001 Recipient of the National D.O.E Pollution Prevention award for the “Super Sleever”, a Portable Containment Sleeving device is used throughout the D.O.E complex and sold commercially in the U.S, Canada and Japan. The device is credited with saving Savannah River Site 13 million dollars in 5 year life cycle savings, due to waste reduction.
  • 2001 National Federal Laboratory Consortium award for Excellence in Technology transfer (got honorable mention)- for developing a unique invention that saves time and money and getting it marketed.
  • 2000 GESCO-(Government Environmental Services Company) for developing a unique invention that saves time, money and waste reduction that is being used throughout the DOE Complex. Competed against 17 DOE sites nationally.