The Genius of Wile E. Coyote Paranoidious Creativious Desperatism Syndrome (PCDS)

I want to discuss an Inventor that has been sadly overlooked. His name is Wile E. Coyote. Yes, I know he is a cartoon character. Yet, he has qualities we all need to emulate to be the best possible Inventor. If more of us possessed his drive and willpower who knows what levels of...

Inventors, Questions to Ask About Patents From Those Selling You Those Services

One of the issues Inventors have told me about is the lack of negative information on getting or owning a patent they get from those selling them patent services. What do you expect, the person selling you a car generally tells you all the Pros of the car and seldom goes into the...

What NOT to write in an email/letter to a company you are trying to approach about your Invention

How you approach a company is very important and your attitude plays a large part in your success or failure. Below is a compilation letter I made up from excerpts from letters Inventors have shown me they sent to companies. They wanted to know what they were doing wrong because...

Don’t Over Invent Your Product

When it comes to inventing, bigger isn’t always better. There seems to be a trend with Inventors to put everything including the kitchen sink into their invention. What you need to understand is the more you add the higher the cost of the product. The more parts you add the...

Why Inventors Need A Couple Of Brutally Honest People On Their Side?

Having worked with a large number of Inventors over the years I see certain similarities in how they express their idea/product. The first thing I hear from most Inventors when they discuss their product/idea is about how everyone in their family loves the product/idea and would...

Is It Possible Someone Has The Same Invention Idea As You?

Consider this post from a disgruntled Inventor he sent to a invention company that prompted me to write the article below. “You claim you don’t steal people’s ideas? I did research my idea and it had NEVER been done before I submitted it to you lying thieves! No sooner did my...

Utilizing Magnets, Velcro and Suction Cups in Your Invention/Product

Wanted to make a couple of points about the use of magnets, Velcro and suction cups in your ideas. As a rule, magnet’s run the cost of goods up. And I know your first comment will be how can they be expensive, I see them in all sorts of products. It all comes down to the product,...

Inventors, Here Are Reasons Why Your Invention Got Rejected

Many Inventors trying to bring their product ideas to market are totally crushed by rejection. So, I thought I would provide a list of some of the reasons you could have gotten rejected. It does not cover every reason you could get rejected, but hopefully it will give you...

The Good and Bad of PPAs

PPA’s can be a great tool when used properly, but in a large number of cases the Inventor does not get the full use of the PPA. Why? Because a large majority of Inventors rush to file a PPA without looking at the biggest disadvantage a PPA has, which is time. You have 12 months...

Getting FREE Publicity for Your Invention/Product

Excerpt from the Ebook “Common Sense Inventing” All to often I get contacted by Inventors that are paying a Public Relations firm, Media Specialist or some other company to try and generate buzz about their product to get it noticed. The problem is a number of these companies use...