How to Submit Invention Ideas to Companies “Think” Before You Send

Contacting companies for the first time can be scary and uncertain for Inventors. You want to do it right and get the company interested in your product and see it on store shelves. My invention submissions have resulted in licensing deals in toys, tools, eyeglass products,...

Do You Really LOOK At Your Product When You Come Up With It?

Do You Really Look At Your Product When You Come Up With It? I ask this question because I see more and more invention ideas that clearly the Inventor did not consider their product and its environment. Once you come up with your product and you believe it is marketable that is...

Inventing Outside Your Gender

I thought this thread would be a great way to get you to think even further outside the box and stretch your skills. Lets say that a company contacts you because they heard you are good at coming up with new products and they have a short deadline. You are male and they make...

Inventors Don’t Present Your Idea/Product Falsely To a Company

Don’t try and lie your way through a company’s submission process. It will catch up to you and will destroy any chance of a working relationship with them. What is the point I am making? Easy, this is how a number of Inventors approach their product presentation to a company....

Are You Stuck In The “Grass is Greener” Mode?

I have had a couple of Inventors this year contact me saying company X is ready to sign a licensing agreement, but now I am not sure what to do. Because I really like company Y more and am waiting for them to review my product. Don’t expect companies to put up with you being...

You Are Not Doing Thorough Research On Your Idea

A misconception that plagues Inventors is two-fold, one they don’t do the proper research to see if their idea is patented and the other is they don’t do research to see if it is on the market. These two are independent of each other, but they both need to be done before you move...

Why Does It Take So Darn Long To Get A Product Through A Companies Review Process?

Not a week goes by without an Inventor emailing me wanting to know why it takes so darn long to get an answer from a company they have approached or is reviewing their idea. Being a serial Inventor myself I understand the frustration with the long wait, so I am going to try and...

Inventors Need to Learn – Just Because:

Being a Serial Inventor and having worked as a Licensing Agent I have seen both sides of the industry. Working with Inventors over the past 18 years I have found that in a majority of cases Inventors have unrealistic expectations of how the inventing and manufacturing industry...

Inventor’s Need to Have Persistence, Patience and Positive Attitude to Find Success

Persistence, Patience and Positive Attitude I thought I would share the Three P’s that have made my inventing successful. Persistence- Dictionary.com defines persistence as “the act or fact of persisting.” I would expand on that definition to add “A controlled steady movement...

Find an Inventor Group Near You

Finding an Inventor group near you is a great resource to have at your disposal. Some groups have members that are lawyers, designers, engineers and other skills that can help you find success. I try and keep this listing of Inventor Groups as accurate as possible. If you see any...