A Bad Idea/Invention in a Silk Suit is Still a Bad Idea

Okay, let’s face it we all have ideas we think are great and we want to see them get to market. For some reason when an Inventor has a bad idea they think if they explain it to you more and more it will make the idea better. It doesn’t. Just because your family and friends say...

The PPA Trap Inventors fall Into Over Their Idea/Invention

PPA’s (Provisional Patent Application) can be a great tool when used properly, but in a large number of cases the Inventor does not get the full use of the PPA. Why? Because a large majority of Inventors rush to file a PPA without looking at the biggest disadvantage a PPA has,...

Does Your Idea/Product/ Invention Answer The “Better Than” Question?

Here is a response I have had Inventors give when you ask them “What makes your product unique to stand out in the market?” And their response is ” Mines better.” They fail to elaborate any further as if that statement covers the question. It doesn’t. When asked that...

To the Inventors That Think Everyone Else is Wrong

Have you met an Inventor that has an excuse for everything? Or at least a double standard. The rules only apply to you, not to them, because they are somehow special. No matter what the truth is about their product it is always someone or something else that caused them to not...

Interest From a Company In Your Invention Does Not Mean a Deal Is Guaranteed

Keep in mind when a company says they have “interest” in your idea/product that does not mean go out and buy a new car, plan your Hawaiian vacation or quit your job. It means they are going to take a harder look at your idea/product and do their due diligence to see...

Reality of Inventing

Being an Inventor myself I have gone through a number of the same situations every Inventor faces. I have had my products/ideas rejected by multiple companies, products/ideas held for long periods of time as it was reviewed only to be returned, had the company tell me they loved...

Distractions Can Hurt Your Inventions Success

Having had the opportunity to review a large amount of videos made by Inventors hoping to get a company interested in licensing their idea I wanted to give some advice Inventors may find helpful. Many Inventors have great ideas but allow distractions to hurt their chances of...

A Patent Does NOT = Marketability

Excerpt from the successful Ebook “Common Sense Inventing” at http://www.rogerbrown.net/ebook There seems to be a myth out there that all you need is a patent for the riches to come pouring in like a river. The next myth is that once your patent issues doors will open...

Inventors,Invention Submission Companies, Patent Searches, Design Firms, Whose To Blame?

Go to any forum involving Inventors seeking help and you will see plenty of people/companies offering to help by selling Inventors services. Everyone is quick to tell you that you need to do patent searches, make a prototype, do design work, etc. What you don’t see is these...

Licensing vs. Manufacturing

Licensing vs. Manufacturing Which do you think is the better route for you as an inventor – licensing or manufacturing? The answer is complex because it begs more questions. You need to decide which route to take early in the process. To do this, you have to take an honest look...