Why Does It Take So Darn Long To Get A Product Through A Companies Review Process?

Not a week goes by without an Inventor emailing me wanting to know why it takes so darn long to get an answer from a company they have approached or is reviewing their idea. Being a serial Inventor myself I understand the frustration with the long wait, so I am going to try and...

Inventors Need to Learn – Just Because:

Being a Serial Inventor and having worked as a Licensing Agent I have seen both sides of the industry. Working with Inventors over the past 15 years I have found that in a majority of cases Inventors have unrealistic expectations of how the inventing and manufacturing industry...

Inventor’s Need to Have Persistence, Patience and Positive Attitude to Find Success

Persistence, Patience and Positive Attitude I thought I would share the Three P’s that have made my inventing successful. Persistence- Dictionary.com defines persistence as “the act or fact of persisting.” I would expand on that definition to add “A controlled steady movement...

Find an Inventor Group Near You

Finding an Inventor group near you is a great resource to have at your disposal. Some groups have members that are lawyers, designers, engineers and other skills that can help you find success. I try and keep this listing of Inventor Groups as accurate as possible. If you see any...