My Inventions

My invention submissions have resulted in toys, tools, eyeglass products, kitchen utensils, and even a device in  the nuclear industry awarded nationally for pollution prevention. If your company is looking for the next new product idea Contact me. Click on the links below the product to be taken to the website carrying that item.

The Peeble Peeler

My latest invention, the Pebble Peeler, is a combination vegetable brush and peeler. The shape makes it easy to store in any drawer and is ergonomically shaped to fit the users hand. The two halves break apart for use and snap together for storage. It is dishwasher safe. Look for it in Wal-Mart in the grocery section. If you don't see it in their store ask the manager to carry it!

The Visor Clip

The Visor Clip is the next generation of visor sunglass clips. No more fumbling around while driving, using two hands to operate the older outdated models. The one handed Visor Clip's operation makes it fast, user friendly, and safe. You can remove or insert your sunglasses without even looking at the clip. Plus, it will hold small or larger framed sunglasses without any adjustments needed. They are sold to over 10,000 retail locations.

Power Pitch Horseshoes

Power Pitch Horseshoes - A fast action game that updates the old classic. The soft foam horseshoes make this a game that can be played indoors or outdoors. The catapult action is fantastic.

Pizza Scissors

The Pizza Scissors is a versatile item that allows the user to slice and serve the pizza using the same tool as a spatula. It's not just for pizza. It works great for Foccaccia bread, Quiche and other foods. Let me know what other uses you come up with. Retailers can order it by calling 1-800-426-7101 and asking for item GT-4006. Order a pair today!

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Ball Valve Repair Tool

The Ball valve repair tool allows users to extract the ball from the ball casing in under 11 seconds. It saves labor costs, damage to valve and exposure to harsh environments.

Knockout Hockey

Knockout Hockey combines the fast action of air hockey with boxing. The adjustable border guards fit just about any tabletop.

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The Super Sleever

The Super Sleever is a simple rugged device that dramatically reduces the time needed to sleeve hoses, electrical cords, air lines and similar items. It can sleeve 500 feet of hose in just 3 minutes compared with 1.5 hours using conventional methods; The device is used throughout the DOE complex and in nuclear facilities.