Licensing vs. Manufacturing

Licensing vs. Manufacturing Which do you think is the better route for you as an inventor – licensing or manufacturing? The answer is complex because it begs more questions. You need to decide which route to take early in the process. To do this, you have to take an honest look...

Can You Say It Without Saying It When You Describe Your Inventions?

What do I mean by “Can You Say It Without Saying It?” It’s simple really, but something a number of Inventors struggle with when describing their product/idea. The object is to be able to tell the company Rep you cold call or email about your product with just enough detail to...

Where Can I Get A Sell Sheet Made If I Can’t Do It Myself?

If you don’t have the ability to make your own sell sheets using PowerPoint, Photoshop or some other computer program you may need to hire someone.  Look at your local college or high school for a student in the graphic arts department. These are people you can hire for a...

What Are Sell Sheets And Why Do I Need One?

Sell sheets are basically your calling card to the company. It describes your idea in a short and concise manner. You are using this to get the company interested. The best way to describe it is think about the blurb you see on the back of a novel. It gives you an overview of the...