Do You REALLY Understand Royalties?

I have gotten a number of email questions about royalties so I would like to point out a misconception by many Inventors pertaining to how they are calculated. The actual portion of your royalty if you are licensing a product is NOT based on the price of the product in the store....

Should Family Members or Business Partners Sign an NDA?

I get asked this question quite often “Should Family Members or Business Partners Sign an NDA?” An NDA is best to use no matter who you are discussing your idea/product with. When you say don’t worry about family you can trust them. Consider does your family...

Can You Say It Without Saying It?

What do I mean by “Can You Say It Without Saying It?” It’s simple really, but something a number of Inventors struggle with when describing their product/idea. The object is to be able to tell the company Rep you cold call or email about your product with just enough detail to...

Who Cares What the Company’s Policy is for Submitting Your Idea?

It never ceases to amaze me how many Inventors think that just because a company has a set of policies they will change them for the Inventor. Below is an example of what I mean. Without going any deeper into the company you can plainly see that 3M is only looking for PATENTED...

A Patent Search Is Not The Holy Grail Invention Submission Companies and Patent Lawyers Want You To Believe It Is

To often I get contacted by Inventors that have paid for a patent search long before they should have spent any money. They either contacted a Patent Lawyer or an Invention Submission company and were told the first thing they need to do is conduct a patent search. Which of...

Many Inventors Lack Focus and Direction

When they first get started many Inventors have a lack of Focus and Direction due to everything being new and unknown. This is why things can take a turn for the good or bad depending on their next steps and how they proceed.  Unfortunately below is how it happens for a large...

Why Companies Are Reluctant To Work With Inventors

I get asked all the time why companies are reluctant to look at ideas from Inventors unless it is through a broker/agent or an Inventor based company? The answer is simple. They use these outside resources because they are afraid of the small percentage of Inventors that are...

Are Invention Posting Sites A Waste Of Time?

Invention posting sites are gaining popularity, but do you gain any benefit from them? In my opinion these sites feed off of the Inventor’s hopes of getting discovered by a major player in their particular target market and making millions. The web is flooded with these websites...

Where Can I Get A Sell Sheet Made If I Can’t Do It Myself?

If you don’t have the ability to make your own sell sheets using PowerPoint, Photoshop or some other computer program you may need to hire someone.  Look at your local college or high school for a student in the graphic arts department. These are people you can hire for a...

What Are Sell Sheets And Why Do I Need One?

Sell sheets are basically your calling card to the company. It describes your idea in a short and concise manner. You are using this to get the company interested. The best way to describe it is think about the blurb you see on the back of a novel. It gives you an overview of the...