My invention submissions have resulted in toys, tools, eyeglass products, kitchen utensils, and even a device used in the nuclear industry that won the DOE National Pollution Prevention award. The device called the Super Sleever saved the DOE facility 4 million dollars a year in waste reduction. I have been fortunate to get these products to market spending less than $100 on each and some as little as $8. My major investment has been my time.

Currently, I have one new kitchen item licensed, scheduled for a late 2014 release, and several other products under review with various companies. I am proof that you CAN get your products to market and not go broke in the process.



I have had the fun of writing for leaders in the industry of comics, cartoons and humor. Some of those companies are Marvel Comics, D.C. Comics, Disney Comics, Disney Adventures magazine, Layne Morgan comics, Archie comics, Acclaim Entertainment and Cracked magazine. As well as gagwriting for nationally syndicated Cartoonists.

My current project is a book titled “Guerilla Inventing” explaining how to get your product licensed and to market without going into debt. My method works and can be learned by anyone that gives it an honest effort. If you will click on the "Projects" tab you can read an excerpt from the book. I am self-publishing it and plan for an late 2014 release. If you want to be notified when the book comes out, send me an email and I will be happy to notify you.

As I always say:
"Dreams are accomplished by those that do, not by those that wish."

A Few of My Inventions